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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kars4Kids Offer of a Vacation Exposed

Kars4Kids promises donors a free vacation with their donation. But the internet is filled with complaints that all the donor received was a "vacation voucher"--a slip of paper entitling them, at the end of the day, to frustration...but no vacation. Click here to read about this scam.


  1. I am so aggravated right now that I donated our car to Kars for kids for 4 reasons. 1 we really didn't have the space for it and I didn't want to keep paying insurance on it and I wanted to feel good about the generosity and also last but not least I could use the tax write-off. I donated a car with a blue book value on the low side of $5,000. They have provided me with a receipt for $850 which means I will get about 200 something back on my taxes. I also thought well at least I get it two day vacation out of it. But realized it was far from free when they ask for the $50 and tell you that the closest place in my area that I could go is Albany New York. Why do I want to go on vacation for 2 days in Albany New York? No offense to anyone that lives there. The whole thing has been really ridiculous not about the money in the end. Kars for kids misrepresented everything that they are supposed to be about. I suggest that when someone has a car to donate they should give it to their local mechanic for free or the guy on the street, he would feel a lot better then dealing with these people